About Us

Who We Are


We seek the holistic transformation of the Caribbean Basin and Latin America.

Funcasol USA is a 501 (C3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America.


We specialize in providing funding, development and support for individuals and organizations engaged in worthwhile projects that empower communities in desperate need of humanitarian help.


As a foundation we partner with for-profit, nonprofit and public governments to solve problems and alleviate human suffering.

Our Services

FUNCASOL is equipped through a network of relationships in the Caribbean and Latin America to deploy high quality services in low cost efficient manner due to the indigenous labor, skilled executive leadership and capacity to move materials across the country at fast speeds and limited barriers by corrupt government, rebel or gang leaders.

Project Funding86%
Housing Development44%
Economic Development65%
Education & Support93%

What We Do

FUNCASOL USA – Is an international relief funding organization that supports organizations engaged in education, health, economic, and welfare programs.

Real-Time Funding of Relief Projects

We fund expansion projects and organizations that have a track record of systemic transformation of communities and sustainable models of growth.

Community Housing Development

We are engaged in housing and shelters development for the poor in Latin America and through out the world.

Expert Support of Projects

Our ground level partners are in need of support, consulting and expertise to complete their projects. Funcasol provides human capital well as referrals to high capacity developers and agencies.
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